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About Daniella

Creative Director working in the field of advertising, in and around the Philadelphia area.

 I graduated from Tyler School of Art in 1997 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

I have worked on teams as an in-house art director and at the agency level.

Some brands that I have had the pleasure to work with are Wawa, Inc., Genuardi's Family Markets, Delacre Biscuits, Costco

and local favorites Philly Pretzel and Primo's Hoagies. I have experience designing in the retail industry, business to business, financial industry, pharmaceutical and health and beauty. I enjoy the challenge of making every brand feel like a valued marketplace contender.


Artist Statement

A weekend trip to my grandmother's home in South Philly always meant a fresh new sketch book for me, which my grandmother

had fashioned from scraps of paper and binding materials she brought home from her job at a local printer. Looking

back, I realize she was actually encouraging a young artist to create. And did I ever create! I filled books with sketches in

every medium. When the sketch book was full, I found other materials to work with, such as red Avon lipstick samples -  a favorite

of my mothers! From these creative weekends an artist was born.


     I decided to major in Graphic Design in 1993, and from that day forward I found college to be one, big creative adventure. But I believe graphic art has been my passion from the first time I held that lipstick up to my mother's dining room wall.




Creative Suite

Logo Development

Brand Development

Package Design

Advertising Campaigns

Marketing Material Support

Print and Web Design

HTML and CSS Knowledge

Project Management

Writing Capabilities

Presentation Abilities





Team Player who consistently aims to deliver creative work.


Dependable professional who works to

always exceed projects goals.


Committed, reliable work ethic.





Daniella has guided me through the design process on several very different web projects. Each product had its own, distinct personality and she was able to capture each different attitude and style; and always with a personable, easy-to-work with attitude. She has a "magic" ability to take my descriptions and turn them into designs that are perfectly specific; that feel familiar in the market-place, and yet are unique and highly-branded. I highly recommend her. Joanna Joslyn

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Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, if I can help you in any way , design, consulting or general questions

send an email , and I will be in-touch!



Daniella Deal

Creative Director building brands in the Philadelphia area. Graduating from

Tyler School of Art in 1997 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

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Valley Forge , PA


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